Photo Courtesy Kathy Drive

Not to say that he’s old (no one knows his age), but rather to say he’s gracefully aged like a fine wine (or cheddar cheese if that’s your thing). Kemp is at once an expert technician adept at photographing any subject matter in any situation, and at the same time skilled in the art of the moment: you will never feel anxious when you hire him for a photography assignment. Kemp has an easy going style and an infectious laugh. His youthful spirit and playful attitude makeĀ  working with Kemp a pleasure. You forget it’s work sometimes, because he’s so much fun to be around. But don’t be fooled: Kemp knows how to work, and he works hard to bring your big ideas to life. Just ask anyone that’s done work with Kemp and you’ll understand why he’s been successfully photographing people, places, and things for companies big and small for over 40 years. Reach out to Kemp today and put him to work for you.